For one third of all Russians prices for water increased for 50%.

Prices for public utility services will continue going up after the New Year. For example, the price for cold and hot water increased once again! But there is no time for disappointment as this price raise will not affect everybody. It will affect only those who have not yet installed water meters.


Despite the fact that meters help to reduce water consumption and, as a result money, so far about one third of all the apartments in Russia are not equipped with meters. Even though the law that obliged everyone to install meters at home is in force since 2012. Therefore, in 2015 it was decided  to introduce the multiplying  ratios on water to encourage the population to purchase meters  and in case of absence the tariffs will be raised by 10% every six months. And now 2017 brings us another rise in price. One liter of water in the apartments without water meters will cost 1,5 times more than for those having meters installed. But even for all that the increase of installation number is not registered.

It would seem a simple arithmetic that meters really help to save but in this case why people still prefer to get along without them? In fact, everything is simple. The point is that the fee is charged based on the number of people registered. If only one person is registered but in fact 10 are staying in the apartment it is much cheaper to pay without any meters. Owners of these apartments will postpone the installation for as long as possible.

The second most common reason for not using meters is laziness and lack of benefits comprehension. Oddly enough but there are people who are sure regardless any calculations that it is much cheaper to pay without meters.