Now “Mosrobot” is able to notify consumers about the necessity to calibrate their water meter.

Every Moscow resident using “Gosuslugi” (State Provided Services) website will get a notification regarding the water meter calibration necessity as well as other useful information respecting  the way it should be possibly done.

“Mosrobot” is an interactive self-teaching assistant on the “Gosuslugi” (State Provided Services) website with the main target to create and send out personalized recommendations and notifications. The assistant is capable to adopt according to your interests and regulate the intensity and thematic of notifications.  

Robot is automatically and absolutely free of charge connected to all the registered users. And you are free to disconnect any time.

But it is not the right thing to do as “Mosrobot” will send out a lot of useful information including hot and cold water meter calibration interval expiring notifications.

The notification will be send 1 month prior the calibration expiry date and thus you will have time to find a company able to execute the calibration of the meter quickly and efficiently.