In 2017 Moscow residents may stop sending their meters’ readings.

Since 2017 Moscow Department of Informational Technologies is planning to launch the first stage of the program “Smart House”. Several houses are already on a test run mode.  In particular the system can automatically monitor and transmit water and electric meters’ data to the Management Company.

Apart from a few private houses numerous state institutions and budgetary establishments as schools, hospitals and etc are already connected to the program. At the moment data analysis is in process as well as system operation reviews and determination of the private clients‘  demands. But even now according to the preliminary information we can say that automation  of meters made it possible to save water and electricity consumption significantly.


In the years 2017-2018 it is planned to install these sensors on communal meters. You can install such an innovative meter in your apartment. For instance our meter ECO NOM 15-80I can be equipped with pulse transducer on your demand.